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Well, Hello There Handsome!

What is this page?
It's pretty simple but first.

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You have found my private website!

Here I can write about my day and projects I've been working on, or maybe share a clip of when I hack my phone. (Not at all the neighbor)
Maybe I'm building a website that I can brag about in here,
maybe even sell it, thanks to this page.

This is my place where I can represent who I am and what I do, simply said.
I might not need to make a CV for a job thanks to the website or
even get a job thanks to the page.
A webpage with many goals, so to speak.

I am sure we will figure it out along the way.

Do you need more information?

My Latest Project

What happens to the time that is left over, after work and responsibility?
That's a really good question.
You can always go to bed with your phone and check out Facebook until you fall asleep
You can put on a cup of coffee and grind your skills for a couple of hours until you nap off

Network Administrator

I like to be in control of what I own.
Just think about your phone, no one knows the power you're holding. If you take the time and learn what mobile phone really is, it opens up a new world.
Therefore, I have now got structured learning from the topic network administrator and in such terms be able to control a network with a completely new style!

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Network Security

You can read a lot on Google and learn a lot via Youtube but nothing goes up against a structured educational course in security.
I took a four-week security course on private and corporate online security.

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Web Development

I have finished building a website that was not intended for anything special, but it was only to sharpen my skills.
It turned out very well and I'll show it further down the page!

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Ethical Hacking

After I was hacked on my email, netflix, loan proposals started raining in, etc. You can imagine all the hard things a bored person can do to another.
Which led me to hone my skills in this field in order to be able to attack *I mean* protect myself in the future against these attacks.

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Analyzing a Computer & Network

Computers and networks are vulnerable for many different reasons.
Through a good analysis of hard /software, you can usually find the problem quickly and easily without lots of bumps and unnecessary costs.

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Computer & Network Technician

I wanted to work as an IT technician to get a foot in this field.
I felt that support and installation was a good start so took a 3 month course in computer and network.
- Aimed at private individuals and businesses.

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My knowledge in IT

Here you can see what knowledge I have grades or similar in.
In other words, what's on paper.
Although it's very broad in IT and there is a lot more to represent,
these are probably what I think is most fun to work with in the world of IT.

Computer & Network Technician

Trained in both directions.
I am a trained computer administrator,
and network technician.
Network technicians has now upgraded
to administrator!

Ethical Hacking

Certified + Bored Teen at a Computer. #Experience
Certificate Applies to Ethical Hacking
through Penetration Tests

Web developer

Web development 1 & 2.
This included the languages SQL,
javaScript, html, css and php.
As well as how to manage security and
take care of a website or blog.


Here you can see my most recently built homepages, all pages can be built as needed.
If you have an idea or have a wish, please get in touch!


Advisor theme

Perfectly designed for advice like.
This is so good that I have almost thought of using it.

See a Demo?

IT & Technology E-shop!

I built this store to get cheaper prices/wholesale prices on everything I need and all of a sudden I have access to over 170,000 products in many areas!

Take a look!

Guitar Guide theme

This page is made with learning in mind.
Made this for a customer so unfortunately it has been taken.

Watch the demo?

CV theme

Perfectly designed for personal CVs.
Do you never want to make a CV again via Word? Then this could be a good solution for you!

Check out the resume!

AI Recruitment page

I built this page to be designed as an AI directs company that is actually on its way to a client at the moment.

Take a look!

Calm Theme

This page is made as a calm blog.
Made this for a customer who then withdrew.

See a Demo?

Advisor theme

Perfectly designed for construction-like businesses.
I made this when I wanted to develop my skills simply as with many other pages.

See a demo?

Web design

I made this page when I wanted to design a new page for myself, but then it just ended up in a folder on the computer.

Check out the Demo!

Electrician theme

This page is made with electricians in mind.
Again a page I made to sharpen my skills which have since been in a box waiting.

See a demo?

Advisor theme

Perfectly designed for happy builders!
When we are on the construction and electrician themes, I can't forget this happy side.

Check out Mr.Happy!

Web development design

This is another page I made when I was going to design a page for myself that a client would then get but then pulled out of.

Take a look!

Locksmith theme

This site was built for a customer who then didn't know what to do with the site when the company didn't start and therefore gave the site back, more or less.

See a demo?

Contact me

Here is a stylish form that you can easily contact me through.

These contact forms on the pages are only demos at the moment with different kinds of styles and features.
If you want to contact me you can do that here:

A active contact form