I am R3LAXPLZ, and I am a one man team.
I know that I can give the customer everything you need for your private security.
I dont sell all kinds of products but I got knowledge to keep you prepared for the good and bad times.
I am a simple man who just loves to work, keep my security up to date and help others in need.

If you need help or guidance, dont hesitate to call!

Our Services

I can offer many different services.
Just like there is a endless amount of locks and doors in the world.
In the end, it all depends on the customer.


I got a good expertise in unlocking doors, locks, toys and everything in between!
If you got a challenge for me, please send a message and let me get to work!


Do you want to build your own locks or compartments?
It could be a possibility, depending on the project ofcourse!
Send me details and let me get back to you with a offer you cant resist.


Is you lock broken and you dont want to throw it away?
Hand it over to me and let me work that puzzlebox for you.
Give me a call at number +34 123456789, or use the contact form below.

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This page was made for everyone that get themself locked out everyday with no where to turn.
One page, one number & always fast when in need!